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Ireland Joins The Anti-China Rage

On QQ news is an item of complaint about a bus stop advertisement, found in Ireland. The ad is for a detergent and the slogan makes use of the expression ‘all the tea in China’ – a common idiomatic expression meaning ‘much’ or ‘a lot’ – and reads, “Gets Out Stains Made By All The Teas In China”. I cannot read or make a reliable translation of the QQ item but, using the online Google translator, I gather that some Chinese students living in Tallaght, Ireland [Tallaght, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a suburb of Dublin], have seen the ads and have felt ‘very uncomfortable with them’. There is a hint in the translation that one student suspected that this incident is ‘another disgrace’.


Can I just make sure that I’ve got this right –

  • The advertisement is racist as it singles out Chinese tea.
  • This has some connection with violence in Tibet.
  • An Irish detergent company is joining in the international conspiracy to slight and slander China.
  • The whole business is a joke disgrace.



Click here for the original page; the original wording and an unedited Google translation is below. –


中新网55日电 爱尔兰《新岛周报》近日收到一名热心华人投稿,这名华人在爱尔兰Tallagh和市中心多个公交车站发现一则广告,这是一则清洁剂广告,广告主体是一只绿 色的茶杯,在杯子上印着Gets out stains made by all the teas in China(从中国出产的茶都能挑出毛病)。对于该语句的翻译也许有多个版本,但是许多留学生和华侨看到这行字时都非常不舒服,甚至有学生怀疑这是又一起 辱华事件。


May 5, Ireland, “the new Island Weekly” recently received an enthusiastic Chinese Contributor, this Chinese city centre in Ireland Tallagh several bus stops and found an ad, this is a cleansing agent advertising, advertising Green is one of the main cup in the cup on Yinzhao Gets out stains made by all the teas in China (from the tea produced in China are singled out problems). For the translation of the statement may have multiple versions, but many students and overseas Chinese saw the lines are very uncomfortable when, or even a student is suspected that this incident, another disgrace.

Since the end of March early April, China’s Tib@t burning of violence and vandalism Western media reports is not the same issue of Chinese people around the world make the voice of protest, many Chinese with the Chinese on all kinds of things are very sensitive, a number of Chinese compatriots on the After seeing the advertisements that are “uncomfortable.”



2 Responses

  1. […] Posted on Tuesday, 6 May 2008 by 克莱夫 After I posted the item about the tea stain remover [yesterday’s post] I did a search, using the slogan, to see if I could find who might have instigated this heinous […]

  2. Oh dear. Talk about reaching!

    Soon you won’t be able to call porcelain “china” as it is demeaning and hurts the feelings of Chinese everywhere and now that they can walk in space and everything!

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